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Tell me, how can I live my life so as not to get tired? A rhetorical question from the main character of the long-standing film "White Dew". It's a comedy, but it's a serious question. In life, renewal is periodically necessary - only it can protect you from monotonous melancholy.

Well, the easiest way to upgrade is to learn something new. There will be no advertising of any courses here. Moreover, I highly recommend that you forget about these mass universal studies for a lot of money - about all sorts of "Netologies", "Skillboxes" , etc. I didn't learn much about it. Everything can be found for free.

Competencies are becoming more and more unique. And education, whether we want it or not, is being transformed from general education in the classroom to mentoring, individual mentoring. That's why my most important principle is to teach special skills, even if it may not be very relevant for me now, from specific people-masters.

Most of us are masters at something. If you see such a person, ask for individual mentoring and training. Pay for it. It will be much more productive and interesting.

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