About the new format of classroom hours in schools

01.08.2022 From September, a new format of class hours will appear in Russian schools: "Conversations about important things". The purpose of this is clear and indisputable - the development of patriotism, value orientations of schoolchildren within the framework of the national model of society and the state. Education is one of the most important (if not the most important) tasks of the education system. A little personal. I remember how at the Lipetsk Pedagogical University I taught a course of National history for "non-historians". Right by the beginning of May, topics about the Great Patriotic War were coming up. Literally to tears, he talked about those great days, remembering poems. For example, Olga Bergholz: "Bread came to us dear to life, dear to the lives of many to many...". A wonderful illustration of the difficult choice of every citizen of my great country is the path of serving the Motherland until the last breath. "Motherland, I'm dying, but I'm not giving up" - many people remember.  

Is it so that a separate format of classes is needed for education?

The most effective ways of education are always considered to be the creation of educating situations in the classroom (education through the content of the subject) and education through the personal example of the teacher. The introduction of additional forms of classes can both contribute to the development of education and formalization from an already highly formalized education. Do you remember how the President set the task of increasing the educational component of education? Working education programs were introduced in educational institutions. Did this increase the quality of education itself? It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer. 

I am sure that the best education is, as experts in the field of PR will say, "native". Natural, passed through the soul of the teacher. And the deflated "from above" can lead to the formation of "leavened" patriotism. 

In any case, a lot depends and will always depend on the personality of the teacher.

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