Happy Knowledge Day!


Today is a special day. The news feed of social networks is full of golden color. For me, starting from the age of 7, he is probably special almost all his life. Mixed feelings have always caused and still causes this day. I did not like to study at school, I did not go to the favorites of teachers, to put it mildly. I don't regret anything, on the contrary, I thank fate. It is very useful for a future teacher to be in the skin of a "three-year-old". Nevertheless, I always opened a new diary on September 1 with hope and joy. Like the anticipation of a new life. Up to the first two. And I don't care that by April it was running out of pages (for obvious, I hope, reasons).

Now the feelings of this holiday have changed dramatically. But they are mixed again. The joy of meeting those whose souls you develop. And eternal dissatisfaction with the fact that I did not do something completely, I could not give something. This is the whole essence of real pedagogical work. In two hours, future (and some already working) teachers are waiting for me. And, of course, I will start the lecture with congratulations. Since September 1, dear colleagues and our students. A bow to those who developed us and invested their soul. After not even years, but decades, you realize that your twos and threes are not from evil, but from a desire to introduce us to the world of knowledge.

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