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Today, another spam came to my mailbox - KPRF members, United Russia, pipe cleaners, cosmetics sellers-they tell me how cool they are. I immediately throw all this away. But one piece of paper attracted me.

It offered computer repair services. It doesn't even matter what. On a piece of paper lined in a cage, as if by hand, the text is written-in blue, as it should be. It is clear that in reality all this is replicated. This leaflet as a sample of advertising products is beautiful - I focused my attention on it. And among the many discarded communist, United Russia, cosmetic, etc. agitok these were few. Apparently, people are attracted to a handwritten letter, even if it is an advertisement-they do not immediately throw it in the trash.

I do not know what the real metrics of the effectiveness of this ad will be, but it certainly attracts the initial attention of the addressee more. Why? Because it is very different from others. It is unique. And it's the same everywhere in life: if you want success, be unique! At least in what. Uniqueness is the way to success. Repetition is the way to nowhere.
By the way, this has long been understood in marketing and a clever term has been given to this idea - a unique trading offer.

Tags: #sociology

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