Algorithmics and development of systems thinking


Segregation of Russian education? Yes! And not only in the quality of teaching a foreign language (the idea of introducing it as a mandatory subject on the Unified State Exam was still abandoned), but also in a subject that, it would seem, is so unimportant and frivolous. Somewhere in computer science classes they teach drawing in Paint and creating silly presentations, and in some schools-algorithmics and programming languages.

I remember my school years - I had a very negative attitude to mathematics, but I loved computer science, where we were taught programming, even in the outdated Basic language. On some tests of the "Leaders of Russia" type, my mathematical abilities, for some reason, are always higher than even the humanities.

No, I don't think that everything can be technologized. The purpose of art is art. But algorithmics, programming, in practice, allowing you to apply such far-from-life mathematical knowledge, like no other develop system thinking. 

It is not for nothing that today employers value engineering thinking so much - clear, algorithmic, consistent. And its foundations are absolutely necessary, including for the humanities. In life, in business, in work, a clear understanding of algorithms, the ability to use them to decompose goals - the most important basis for success.

Develop children not only with beautiful fairy tales, literary masterpieces, but also with the simplest basics of algorithmics. Moreover, now there are all sorts of robot designers for different ages. And who of the adults is interested in system thinking-there is a good little book "The Art of system thinking" by J. R. R. Tolkien. O'Connor. It is very actively recommended by the organizers of the "Leaders of Russia". And I am now finishing studying the work of A. N. Vasiliev "Programming in Java Script". Being a humanitarian. 

And I think - why not start creating a school for programming and robotics in some distant Lipetsk?

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